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ObamaCare – Flaws and Lies Exposed

The three minute video shows how many of the law’s promises (lower costs, no changes to individual plans, universal coverage) are false, and how people who thought they would not be impacted by the law may be impacted after all. “The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by […]


UNCUT VIDEO: Day 3 Republican Convention Speeches

Bob White, Chairman of the Romney-Ryan Campaign: Jeb Bush: Former Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Kerry Healy: Jane Edmonds, Former Secretary of the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development: Olympians: Clint Eastwood: Florida Senator Marco Rubio: Romneys Introduction: Romneys Speech:

Cigarettes and Food Stamps


Jon Meacham schools Smiley on George Bush history

Answered perfectly by a commententer at NewsBusters: the phrase won’t die because “the lefties like those nifty chants. ‘Bush acted on bad intelligence – people died,’ just doesn’t have the catchiness of ‘Bush lied – people died.’”


Laura Flanders Fails against Breitbart on Real Time

Andrew Breitbart was confronted on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher by liberal political analyst Laura Flanders, though the confrontation was exceptionally weak as it consisted of talking point labels being hurled, with no interest in an actual debate, discussion or even rebuttal to Breitbarts responses. Flanders opens by ignoring Maher’s questions and moving on […]


The Daily Show and “real news”

Jon Stewart constantly shoots down anyone who talks about The Daily Show being anything at all like the news and opinion blended shows that he mocks on cable news, yet he clearly takes policy seriously and has serious points he wants desperately to get across to his viewers. This riding of the fence allows Stewart […]

“Fund Raising Meat Puppet” back on the air

Keith Olbermann was briefly suspended without pay from MSNBC for an ethics violation that was legitimate despite being ridiculous and Olbermann is milking it as much as possible, naturally. On Journalist ethics “fund raising meat-puppet”:


Obama Supporter: “I’m Exhausted of Defending You.”

This has been floating around the web since yesterday, so here you go: First, it’s kind of shocking to me that Obama’s team would allow this woman to get up there and appear to bring the President to task for his administrations flaws, shortcomings, and failures.  But then I listened to just the question she […]


Harry’s Office

Can’t wait for September 22nd for the new season of The Office to start? Or do you just think the show hasn’t been as good since The Baby? Tired of Richard only posting videos of Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck (I’d link to ’em, but there’s just soooo many)? Well, I just ran across these […]