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Romney’s sound suggestion for President Obama

Since the election, Mitt Romney has stayed mostly silent. And outside of a few sightings on planes and in restaurants, he’s stayed mostly invisible as well. As a losing opponent, one is in an unusual position. It must be extraordinarily tempting to say “well, I wouldn’t have done that” or “See? Look at the bad […]


Bush’s surprising post-presidency comments

Compared to most former presidents, George W. Bush has been relatively quiet. Clinton is addicted to the spotlight, we can’t get Carter to shut up, and at least we hear from Bush’s dad once per year when he goes skydiving. But when it comes to commenting on his successor, Bush has taken the high road, […]


Fired Secret Service head was more delusional than you think

The former head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, has overseen an agency whose performance can be generously categorized as “wildly incompetent”. Two enormous security breaches, from allowing President Obama to ride an elevator with an armed ex-felon to a deranged man penetrating the White House, have raised serious questions about the efficacy of the […]


Which party spends less days in Congress?

It’s no surprise that Congress takes more breaks per year than the average American, Spanish, or even Greek family. Congress is in session for less than 1/3 of the calendar year. But is it true that one party stays in session longer than another?  Do Democrats really work harder than Republicans? According to this meme […]


You won’t believe which party receives the most donations from Wall Street

A meme imploring us to “DO THE MATH!!” is circulating about hedge fund managers paying less in taxes than the little people. According to the infographic, the amount saved in one tax loophole for 10 people is the same as the total income tax for over 260,000 middle-class workers. apparently the monopoly man has cornered […]

How Silicon Valley is trying to take out Tea Party candidates

As the controversy around the Mississippi Senate runoff race to unseat Sen. Thad Cochran unfolds, and more allegations pile up of voter fraud and funny money, an interesting tidbit came out in a Politico piece about how the tech industry is supporting political candidates. Sean Parker, Facebook billionaire who also founded Napster, has a history […]


Does the Hobby Lobby case discriminate against women?

Today, the Supreme Court struck down the contraception mandate portion of Obamacare. Known as the “Hobby Lobby” case, named after a Christian craft chain store where the Obamacare stipulation that employers must cover birth control was legally challenged on a religious freedom basis, the 5-4 decision has deep effects for future legislation. First and foremost—it’s […]


How Thad Cochran stole an election

A Mississippi Republican primary runoff wouldn’t often get national attention. But what is getting attention is how a sitting US Senator in a tough primary race won the runoff after essentially losing the primary. Sen. Thad Cochran is known for his love of earmarks–$490 million of them in 2010 alone, higher than any other senator—as […]

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Did CNN coach people to clap during Hillary’s phony town hall?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable in politics than the “town hall” meeting. In theory, it’s supposed to be a comfortable, open environment where people can freely share their concerns with their representatives while debating and discussing the issues. At the Presidential level, it’s a wooden show of fake support where everyone is waiting for a “gotcha!” […]


You won’t believe how few people want to read Hillary Clinton’s book

As a former first lady, 2008 presidential candidate, Secretary of State, and perhaps the most famous woman in politics of the past three decades, you’d think that Hillary Clinton would be able to sell more books than just about anyone. You’d be wrong. In its first week, “Hard Choices”, the much-anticipated million-book-published memoir of Hillary […]