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Martin Bashir uses Eulogies to bash conservatives – two days in a row

As The Blaze put it: Because Thursday evening’s haranguing of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain by MSNBC‘s Lawrence O’Donnell wasn’t bad enough, the network’s other acerbic anchor, Martin Bashir, hopped on the conservative-bashwagon…again. Bashir eulogized civil rights leader Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth by launching into an assault on Cain. Until Wednesday, Mr. Shuttlesworth was the last surviving member […]


No one booed “a gay soldier” at the Google debate

While the left is seizing on the opportunity to attack Republicans because 2 people in a crowd of over 100 who booed after a gay soldier asked if the candidates would reinstate the Clinton law of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the reality remains that even ignoring the fallacy of blaming a majority for 1-2% of […]

Who are these Republicans who are “keeping MILLIONS out of work”?

This image is making the rounds among Democrats on Facebook and through email forwards, but… what does it even mean? Can anyone explain what this means? i follow politics pretty closely and have no idea what its referencing. who is being kept out of work in the effort to not reelect the president? and how […]


Esquire on Jon Stewart as a real news dispenser

Esquire has a piece titled Jon Stewart and the Burden of History where he is dubbed the left’s Roger Ailes and the “denial of power on which his power depends”, referring to Stewarts “clown nose on, clown nose off” back-and-forthing: Well, what about it? Okay, so a few months ago, Stewart went to Fox News and gave an interview to […]


Sarah Palins Alleged one-night stand from the 80s is now news for some reason

Deadspin blog + National Enquirer + stalker-Palin book = this stupid post. Classy Reporting from Perez Hilton, some celebrity tabloid blogger, the Washington Post: The oddest story? How bout the nothing-est story? ‎2 failed VP nominee’s in the past 2 elections: 1 ran for president the cycle after their loss, had a baby with the […]


Brian Williams Biased at Republican Debate

Via Mediaite: Williams drew a lot of attention at Wednesday’s GOP debate for asking Texas Gov. Rick Perry if he ever “struggled to sleep at night” wondering if he had ever executed an innocent person in his state. (Perry said he hadn’t, and the audience rewarded him with loud applause.) On the “O’Reilly Factor,” Fox […]


John McCain’s Acceptance of a Ridiculous Premise Gaffe on the The View

This major flub from the 2008 campaign is highlighted in Reason 2 of the following: The Five Biggest Reasons Republicans Keep Losing the Propaganda War :: Ask yourself: when was the last time you freely discussed any conservative view with friends at work, or on campus, or in public — without hedging your every word? McCain […]


Fox News critics looking for ways to take down Murdoch press over UK hack scandal

James Fallows in the Atlantic calls this video “The Most Incredible Thing Fox News Has Ever Done”: Or at least the most amazingly brazen I can think of at this moment. Via Erik Wemple of the Washington Post, the simply unbelievable Fox and Friends segment below. It’s about the News of the World hacking scandal. To the good: […]

Olbermann and Gore: Setting the “new tone”

In an age where calls for “civility” in language are demanded by the left, while such standards never policed on the left, it is fitting that Keith Olbermann exits the NBC family and finds himself on Al Gores CurrentTV network. Gore, evidently looking for someone to bring to his airwaves the same vitriol made in […]