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CNN doesn’t believe the premise in its own “This Is An Apple” ad

CNN, known affectionately to its critics since the 1990s as “The Clinton News Network” has since then not disappointed in regards to maintaining that title. In the era of Trump this has especially been the case as the network obsesses over Russia conspiracies and any passing opportunity to paint the President in the worst possible light. […]


Did CNN coach people to clap during Hillary’s phony town hall?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable in politics than the “town hall” meeting. In theory, it’s supposed to be a comfortable, open environment where people can freely share their concerns with their representatives while debating and discussing the issues. At the Presidential level, it’s a wooden show of fake support where everyone is waiting for a “gotcha!” […]


The Daily Show’s “Passion and Intrigue on The Five”

Because Conservatives can take a joke, they are thoroughly enjoying The Daily Show’s dramatic one act play in tribute to the Fox News show The Five. The Daily Show doesn’t hit humorously highlight accurate information or legitimate and logical points nearly as much as it’s viewers who use it as an actual news source think […]

MSNBC Highlight Reel

Ugly Stuff…


Obama Administration staged photo ops assailed for blatant propaganda

The White House has brushed off the Stalinist comparisons, saying it has only barred the press from photographing the president when he is “making decisions.” And it’s argued that flooding the digital world with images of the president is, more or less, a public service. However, the White House will also have its own staff […]


Disney casts evil capitalist as villain in Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger: An Uncomfortable Mix of Silliness and Sadism. It’s way too long (almost two and a half hours), repetitive, and mostly unfunny, and its dependence on computer-generated imagery makes it feel almost 100 percent synthetic. But that’s not the really bad part of the $200 million comic Western The Lone Ranger. The latest Johnny Depp brainstorm —likely […]


How liberal dominance bribes conservatives into denouncing conservatism

The Kept-Cons: They are what I like to call ‘kept cons.’ They are ‘kept’ by liberals in that kept cons generally work for liberal institutions and seem to fill the role of token conservative; they write conservative columns for national liberal newspapers or appear as conservative hosts or commentators on CNN or MSNBC or CNBC; […]


Bill Maher calls Drudge Report racist, calls GOP “party of apes”

Before calling the GOP a “party of Apes” and using black congressman Allen West as his example, Bill Maher claimed that the Drudge Report is racist for including news and news photographs of black people. unfortunately for Maher, The Daily Caller took the time to actually look at each example and reveal that Maher’s presentation […]


Bill Clinton says MSNBC is liberal version of Fox News. Is wrong

Bill Clinton delivered an odd jab at MSNBC, essentially mocking it for being a leftist propaganda network by saying the imbalance made him laugh and compared it to the loathed Fox News Channel. Via Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media notes this part of an Esquire interview with Bill Clinton: I was just watching MSNBC, and they had a […]


The trouble with John Garver, Rick Santorum’s Nephew

Who is John Garver? An author? A pundit? A Student as University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown? Certainly if his profession/accomplishments total to the last of that list, he must have genius insight to merit a featured article in the Daily Caller about why voters should choose Ron Paul over Rick Santorum, yes? Not quite. John Garver […]