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Obama Administration sides with Big Business against your right to access content on Public Airwaves

Once again, the Obama administration backs Big Business against the rights of the people. A service called Aereo allows people to access their free local broadcasts delivered over the public airwaves: Subscribers in the cities Aereo serves pay a minimum of $8 a month. That gives them exclusive access to one of its thousands of dime-sized antennas […]


Liberals actually claim the Obama Administration hasnt grown government. Fail miserably

This image is being reposted on Facebook with blind acceptance by Obama supporters who are touting a claim that Obama is not at all a Leftist in terms of government expansion and proving that a majority of his supporters aren’t even Leftists themselves, but rather anti-Rightists as they believe the Left is for goodness and […]


California: Bad for Business

The state is becoming our very own Greece: More important, however, and where few Americans seem to be looking, is our very own Greece: California. Since California doesn’t have the option of seceding from the union, one wonders when the state will ask the IMF for a Greek-style bailout. California’s economy, with a Gross State […]


The Welfare State and the Selfish Society

Via Prager University: Nancy Pelosi’s daughter talked to some food stamp recipients near her NY apartment:


The Obama Economic Record

Obama: Re-election rests on stimulus By ANDY BARR | 2/2/09 President Barack Obama acknowledged Monday that the fate of his re-election four years from now likely rests on the success of the proposed $825 billion stimulus package. “A year from now, I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress. […]


Foolish Liberal talking point that “the rich don’t create jobs”, thoroughly debunked

Did you know that jobs are only created by poor people? Leftists know that. That’s why they’ve been using the Occupy bumper sticker slogan that rich people don’t create jobs. Sen. Harry Reid while proposing a 1.9 percent surtax on millionaires, said the following (via Forbes): Millionaire job creators are like unicorns. They’re impossible to find, […]


Romney on Spending and Debt

Romney: How I’ll tackle spending, debt. There are three ways to reduce spending, which combined, will achieve a fiscal turnaround of this size. First, eliminate every government program that is not absolutely essential. There are many things government does that we may like but that we do not need. The test should be this: “Is […]


Gov Walkers Wisconsin Reforms Are Working

via the John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy.


Income Inequality

Inequality in income exists due to innovation and hard work. PBS allowed Richard Epstein to explain: Watch Does U.S. Economic Inequality Have a Good Side? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. Ed Morrisey who also posted this video at HotAir notes the prevalence of income inequality: “Income inequality” has always existed. It exists in […]