Beck Malkin and Massa

eric massaWhen Glenn Beck announced that he was going to talk to Democrat Congressman Creepball Eric Massa on his Fox News show for an entire hour, fellow conservatives had a mixed reaction of “why waste your time?” and “why give this weirdo credibility?” and Beck took offense.

Massa resigned after weird dude-on-dude allegations were made but caught the eye of conservatives of the Glenn Beck strain when he started smack talking the Obama Administration claiming they were responsible for pushing him out of office because he wasn’t going to vote for the health care bill. Michelle Malkin tried to talk some sense into Glenn Beck on his radio show but Beck, recently criticized by conservative and fellow radio host Bill Bennet and others after his CPAC speech which seemed to blur the lines on Democrats and Republicans, has developed a thin skin in this area.

So how did the actual interview with Massa go?…

“Not only did I grope him,” Massa said in response to allegations that he made unwelcome advances on three male staffers, “I tickled him till he couldn’t breathe and then four guys jumped on top of me. It was my 50th birthday.”…ya..

Listen to this musical montage Alan Colmes played on his radio show and chuckle.

Glenn had Michelle Malkin on to say “you were right” the next day:


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