Latest Bachmann Scare-Smear: She’s a Christian (and that’s bad, remember?)

Did you know that Michelle Bachman predicted that the world would end in 2006? That’s probably because she didn’t. But Marie Diamond at the leftist blog ThinkProgress thinks this vague allusion to the Rapture that Bachmann said in 2006 is as “jarring” as her belief that it is important to spread her religion.

BACHMANN: Lord, the day is at hand. We are in the last days. You are a Jehovah God. We know that the times are in your hands. And we give them to you…The day is at hand, Lord, when your return will come nigh. Nothing is more important than bringing sheep into the fold. Than bringing new life into the kingdom…You have weeded that garden. The harvest is at hand.

I’d start googling to see that “the last days” is some broad time span that could probably mean eons (or the reverse: means something like “every day is your last day”) but since she didn’t make any irresponsible action like sell everything she owns predict anything, her religious beliefs have no effect on anyone else’s life, even if she did really believe she was on the verge of death every day. Quite unlike Al Gores silly religious belief that is attempting to weaken our innovation and economy over predictions that did not come true (claiming that the Arctic could be completely ice free in 5 years, for instance) or Obama spending a ton of money the country doesn’t have on a “stimulus” that not only didn’t stimulate according to his predications, but made things worse.

I dont care if a politician believes in Rain Dances if they’re not writing it into legislation.

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