Young people are getting screwed by Obama’s policies

Dear young people: you’re getting screwed by this administration that you voted for “by far-higher-than-average percentages than folks over 30 years old”.

Young voters between the ages of 18 and 29. Listen up, kids! Your parents are robbing your futures blind and you’re chumps enough not only to go along but to say – like the adorable title orphan in the classic baby boomer musical Oliver! – please, sir, I want some more.

From virtually every possible angle, Obama is helping to diminish the prospects for today’s younger generation. First and foremost, his response to the Great Recession – stimulus and the massive piling up of debt – is slowing the recovery. Ginormous regulatory schemes such as Dodd-Frank and the creation of huge new soul-and-bucks-sucking programs such as Obamacare weigh heavily on the economy now and in the future too. His refusal to discuss seriously old-age entitlement reform – Medicare and Social Security and the 40 percent of Medicaid that goes to old folks – is a massive storm front on the economic horizon. His preference for secrecy and overreach when it comes to executive power won’t screw young people as obviously as his economic policies, but when he leaves office in 2017, he will have created far more terrorists than he needed to.

First things first, Obama’s “response to the Great Recession – stimulus and the massive piling up of debt – is slowing the recovery. Ginormous regulatory schemes such as Dodd-Frank and the creation of huge new soul-and-bucks-sucking programs such as Obamacare weigh heavily on the economy now and in the future too.”

There is no scenario in which debt is sustainable.


Second of all, young people’s “insurance premiums are going to go up. That’s because part of health-care reform stipulates tighter limits on the spread of premiums between older and younger people.”

But you’ll have Social Security and Medicare, right? That pillar of American investment? Not exactly, when young people “will be paying higher taxes – money they might have used to start saving for their own retirement – for programs that either won’t exist at all or will be seriously diminished by the time they start clipping Depends coupons.”

And of course, there’s this little thing called debt, where “when accumulated gross debt exceeds 90 percent of a country’s total economic activity for five or more consecutive years – reduce annual economic growth by more than 1 percentage point for decades…the typical episode of sharply reduced growth lasted 23 years.”

So kids…you’re screwed.

But hey, free birth control, right?



Why She Was Not A Witch

All eyes turned to Delaware in 2010 (the first time in the first state in the Union’s history) when a Republican Senate incumbent, Mike Castle, was unseated by little-known Christine O’Donnell.

The national GOP was horrified. Here was a woman who had never held public office before and whose introduction to the public was a clip on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect where she argued against masturbation and had admitted to experimenting with witchcraft in college.

It was a candidate made for the headlines. And she was eviscerated by her own party, who saw her as a complete loss before the race even started.

The problem is that this is a Republican party that has “memorized…talking points, but only as a vehicle to power. They don’t want to trim government from our lives. They just want to be the ones pulling the levers in Washington.” Left and right can agree on that.

Without national funding, this woman did what a candidate should do in an election. “[S]he took to the streets. She handed out flyers at grocery stores. She met with local bloggers. She spoke to rotary clubs, to tea parties, to small, informal groups gathered in living rooms and mom-and-pop shops across the state. She drove over 1,000 miles in a state that is 30 miles wide. She shook hands and kissed babies.”

On the flip side, this sets a trend where “those who continue to invoke Christine O’Donnell ad nauseam on television are discouraging potential upstarts and perpetuating a dismal trend in the Republican ranks. Christine was not a great candidate, but she was something new, and newness should be encouraged in the GOP.” She lost a Senate seat, but she won an election against a decades-old incumbent. That’s one step closer to the ideal of a government of the people.


Where is Breitbart?

I read some limp-wristed comment from a “conservative leader” today. Something that was the rhetorical equivalent of “Ow. You’re mean. Don’t hurt me. Meanie.”

My fingers type with rage.

Where is the firebrand? Where is the Breitbart? Where is the lightning rod to attract liberal attacks and draw them away from candidates we need to win?

Everyone seems to be sitting with their asses on the bench saying “aww gee whiz…elections are hard” and “that Obama sure is mean…”.

In the ‘mean’-time, everyone also seems to have forgotten Obama & Co’s policy: “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

And guns they have brought.

Every news story, every culture issue, every protest, every rift, every astroturf, they’ve brought guns (literally in the case of Fast & Furious) and we’ve brought plastic picnic knives.
Hell, they haven’t found a way to make Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise’s divorce into a political story yet, but they will damned well try.

And if not, then it serves the purpose of all non-political stories: a distraction. A mental vacation for the general populace, just long enough until the next “political” story comes out.
They figure the American public can only handle 2 or 3 watercooler stories at once, minus one if sports are included.
Therefore, no need to overload them, just keep one story at the surface, one story near the surface. Take frequent breaks for celebrity gossip to clear their feeble minds, then re-overload with useless political controversies until their minds become moldable, pliable, and impressionable.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

Remember folks: your minds are not silly-putty.
They are advanced computers capable of innumerable levels of processing. Put your weapon to work.
Concerning weapons: Breitbart was a submachine gun armed with projectile bayonets.

Let’s not tar his memory by being water pistols.