Ann Coulter clears up smear over Canadian student response

Sanchez starts out with an over-the-top chummy tone and remains cordial through the interview, though be it under a “i’m smiling to soften my criticism and avoid combativeness” theme.

Mediaite, who pulled the video for us, snarks “For the concerned Canadians out there, Coulter doesn’t dislike you, just those of you who don’t live in the West (the prairie provinces are traditionally more conservative than the rest of the country). I know this will come as a relief.” Another zing came under via Rick: “That’s your crowd, right? Ann: “Yes, they are Americans.”

This issue raises and illustrates several things about the left, including their willingness to lie through media to smear and discredit those who say things they don’t like, but most importantly it shows how the politically correct mindset has infiltrated mainstream dialogue. Sanchez keeps grilling for an apology from Coulter because when an Muslim student mockingly asked her what mode of transportation she should use, Coulter mocked back that she could “take a camel” with the “for all i care” part implied in her tone. As the undoctored video shows, Coulter actually was in the process of giving a substantive legitimate answer to the Muslim students challenge when leftists in the audience began heckling her. “Answer the question” they taunted (while she was in the middle of answering the question ironically), referring to the rhetorical “what should i use for transportation” snark from the student. Coulter snarked back, but even if one removes the context of the real answer that was attempted before that line, it is politically correct brainwash to label her “take a camel” line as offensive. Leftists think it is “progressive” to strip cultures of what makes them different, because Progressivism sees differences as bad due to the potential of inequality. Therefore, in order for everything to be equal, everything must be the same, and thus any Caucasians reference to a non Caucasian or non christian culture can and will be labeled as offensive. This is how telling a Muslim they could ride a camel if they needed transportation is thought of as a thinly veiled racist attack. Not because of any hate, prejudice or racism present in the comment, but because, as Rick Sanchez said, she made the relation between Muslims and riding camels. Simple as that.


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