Alexander Hamilton was not a fan of big government.

“The principal purposes to be answered by union are these — the common defense of the members; the preservation of the public peace as well against internal convulsions as external attacks; the regulation of commerce with other nations and between the States; the superintendence of our intercourse, political and commercial, with foreign countries…If the circumstances of our country are such as to demand a compound instead of a simple, a confederate instead of a sole, government, the essential point which will remain to be adjusted will be to discriminate the OBJECTS, as far as it can be done, which shall appertain to the different provinces or departments of power; allowing to each the most ample authority for fulfilling the objects committed to its charge.” – Alexander Hamilton, referring to the guidelines set by the Constitution

What Alexander Hamilton was referring to, was that the federal government was to have a few, specific, functions.  It was not meant to deviate from these functions, but was suppose to be fully capable of serving these needs.  Also, the federal government is not to interfere with state or local policies.  Instead, it was to be the responsibility of each (federal, state, and local governments) to carry out specific functions.

Today, our Federal Government has its hands in just about everything that the states and local governments do.  For instance, the state governments are held responsible for overseeing the education of its people.  This is something that the Federal Government has no authority over.  Yet, there is a US Department of Education, in the Federal Government.  This was President Jimmy Carter’s doing, in 1980.  He, among many other politicians in government, has seen to it that the Federal Government has its hands in everything, and affects everyone.

The Federal Government was never meant to grow as big and powerful as it has.  Those who wrote up the Constitution, as guidelines meant to protect the liberty of the people, saw a large and all powerful Federal Government as a problem.  Not only does a big government infringe upon the liberty of the people, but it can potentially become, with constant enlargement, unsustainable.

Think of a great bridge, spanning a river.  The bridge represents our economy.  Now, begin adding a greater and greater mass, on top of the bridge.  This mass is the Federal Government (and any other government that weighs upon the economy).  As the mass grows, the supports of the bridge that hold it strain to continue to support the mass.  Sooner or later, the mass will simply too much for the supports, and everything will crumble.

Just imagine if Alexander Hamilton were around, today.  How would he feel about a government that has grown so big and powerful?

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